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ul.jpgUL Certified 

What is UL?  "UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) is a global independent safety science company offering expertise in certification, validation, testing, inspections, auditing, education and advisory services. Our breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean we are a symbol of trust and enable us to help provide peace of mind to all" - ul.com.

  • Two or more operators on duty - UL requires at least two operators on duty at all times.  With nearly 50 employees staffed, you have peace of mind that your home or business will be responded to instantly.
  • Yearly Inspections - To keep our UL license, we must undergo rigorous yearly inspections to ensure we are up to date in every way possible.
  • Redundant Systems - To ensure instant response, we ensure all parts of our central station is redundant so that if one process or system fails, another is there to keep going.
  • Emergency Contingency - As a UL certified central station, we have a thorough emergency contingency plan that is ready to kick into action when things go really bad.
  • Licensed Operators - All operators must be licensed with the state, meaning they comply to state regulated background checks.  We do not employ bad guys.
  • Training Requirements - All operators must meet specific and stringent training requirements.  This ensures that your home or business is not handled by a inexperienced operator.
  • Homeowners insurance discount - Tell your insurance company that you are monitored by Alarm Security, a UL certified central station and you may receive an additional discount.

Why do I care?  When you let us monitor your home or business, you are getting the best in burglary and fire monitoring.  We are not required by law to be UL certified, but we feel it's important to you.  Most customers return after the problems they have with previous alarm companies because their non-UL alarm company did not respond quickly enough, or at all.  Seconds count when burglary and fire strike, and that's why having a UL certified monitoring station like us is critical to your home and business.

Show me Proof.  Below are links to our certifications with UL.  Go with us.  You won’t be sorry.

UL Residential BP6745 

UL Fire S5492

UL Mercantile BP8908 


Installation is a very large portion of our business, but when it comes to you, it's the most important part of your business.  A good install is the foundation of a good system.  Our licensed and background-checked experts are among the best around.  They are screened daily not only for providing excellent installations, but more importantly, integrity.  Expertise and core values are what we bring to the table.  We know your family and business are irreplaceable, so why risk these with an untrusted installer?


Fire & Burglary Monitoring

Most companies that sell alarm systems don't even monitor these systems themselves.  This can cost you time and money, and even take your peace of mind.  At Alarm Security, we promise this will never happen.  Every single home or business we sign up remains within our walls, securely, and with no middle man.  We monitor your home or business 24/7/365 for fire and burglary among other things, with the authority of our state license C-01232.


Service & Support

As a monitored customer, you are entitled to contact us anytime to get help and answers 24/7/365.  In fact, you have many options to reach out for help.  Whether through phone, web site, or email, we can give you quick answers.  Our service team can quickly be onsite too, if you desire.  Get help from them right now, right here.

Some common things our support department quickly resolves are:

  • Answer questions about your alarm panel
  • Help program special bypasses for zones
  • Go through an alarm or fire simulation


Continuous Improvement

Alarm Security always wants to become better.  We are growing constantly and continue to look to find that next team member who loves alarm systems.  Aside for company expansion, we look to offer the latest in alarm equipment technology, giving you more control when you need it most.  Finally, we are always looking for ways to make you a happier customer.  If something's not right at any time, we want to make it right. 

That's our promise.



Our main mission is to bring high quality security equipment and monitoring to our customers at affordable prices while providing total customer satisfaction.

Using the latest techniques and strong core values, Alarm Security has the ability to commit to a promise of trust and satisfaction with you.  The security products we use for installations meet the highest standards, and our security monitoring operation center is second to none.  Our staff is friendly and thoughtful, with core values aligned with our company. 



We exist to make our employee's lives better, giving them emotional, moral and financial resources to help positively impact their family’s lives and communities. 

Having purpose in one's life gives that person a reason to continue.  Without a purpose, there's no reason to exist.  Alarm Security has continued strong since 1960 not because of the priority of profit, but instead, we believe in giving a place for good people to work so that they may be able to have a better quality of life.


Core Values

Core values are extremely important at Alarm Security.  We see core values in every one of our employees, which provide a better customer experience to you.

  • Honest - Integrity is important in life.  It speaks great things when one has integrity.
  • Kind - Being nice to people is very contagious, and it doesn't hurt.
  • Thoughtful - Showing respect by including others mends friendships.
  • Helpful - Always taking that extra step to help brings more meaning to a task.
  • Flexible - Having the ability to change for survival shows you will go far.